革新的、統合、有益 — これらの用語は、VANTIQの強力なパートナーとのコミュニティを表しています。



レジェンドアプリケーションズ様は、大企業向けメッセージソリューションやデータ ソリューション等を提供するソリューションプロバイダーです。先進的な技術に基づ き、企業のIT革新を強力に支援しています。VANTIQ社のプラットフォームと、自社の開 発力、営業力、顧客ネットワークを組み合わせることにより、企業のデジタル革新を推 進し、生産性や競争力の向上に貢献します。

Featured Partners

NRG-Edge provides a financial services advisory platform to enable commercial banks to profitably institute a compelling financial advisory strategy for a larger set of their customers. By becoming providers and aggregators of financial services that span deposits, loans, insurance, investments and life planning tools and services, banks can significantly grow and enhance their customer relationships with a high degree of affinity and stickiness.

Founded by Information Management experts, Infosquare is an IT consulting company which specializes in providing Information, Process, Document and Records management solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering and implementing the most suitable Information Management solutions according to our customers' needs and requirements. Utilizing expert personnel and a broad portfolio of world-leading EIM technologies (Big Data, NoSQL, ECM, Real-Time, etc.), we improve critical business processes that leverage the management of both structured and unstructured data while providing seamless integration with existing IT environments.

Nexworld is a Paris based consulting leader in digital transformation. It helps companies modernize their information systems in response to the new challenges of the digital economy, whether it is consulting or implementing their strategic projects. Its market expertise in IoT, Big Data, machine learning, APis, ESB and its extensive experience of enterprise architectures are unanimously recognized by leaders in the banking, insurance, finance, energy, transport, telecoms and large pharmaceutical companies.