Distribution and Federation in Real-Time Event-Driven Apps (英語)

Most event-driven business applications need to be deployed in a distributed manner for improved responsiveness, robustness and security.

With VANTIQ, an event-driven business application is developed in a single cloud location and then automatically partitioned, resulting in the components of the application being distributed to the most optimal nodes for execution whether the nodes are cloud hosted, data center hosted, intelligent devices at the edge, or a combination thereof. Logic will be located where it is the most effective. A wide range of system topologies including star, hierarchical, and peer-to-peer are supported.

The provisioning and management of these networks is made automatic and easy to manage by intelligent features built into the VANTIQ platform. Application components can be dynamically changed anywhere in the distributed environment for one or tens of thousands of nodes while the system is running.

For more, view the white paper here: Distribution and Federation in Real-Time Event-Driven Applications

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